About Saki

Hi, I’m Saki.


I’m an outdoors enthusiast and I love to explore the natural wonders of our world.

I started out as a very typical tourist. My first solo trip was to Europe when I was 20. I pointed my camera at typical tourist sites and snapped pictures thinking that it made me cultured. I had little interest in the actual history of the place.

Years later, I am the complete opposite. Everywhere I travel to, I want to learn as much about the culture and history as possible. I have come a long way since. On my travels, I have had humbling experiences that have helped shape me into who I am.

Farther back, I started as a kid in school with selective mutism, poor social skills and extremely low self confidence, and travel was my personal therapy and way of forcing me to grow, many times through painful experiences.

One of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever undertaken was my solo trek across five of the Canary Islands. I spent three months, with 21 of those days walking on the track, totaling 480km of trekking across various landscapes and scenes, among the most beautiful of which I have ever seen.

I’ve also worked in a party hostel, on an organic farm, lived in a hotel for a year, slept in an abandoned soviet ruin, and drank ayahuasca.

On my website, you’ll see a lot of stories, the impact certain travel experiences had on my life, plus some useful info relating to my favourite hiking trails in the world.