Day 21 – Final day in Moscow

Today is my last day in Moscow. I headed out into the city after midday and made for Lenin’s tomb. That was my plan, however, the place was closed, to my disappointment. I guess I should have waited in line yesterday.

Not a big deal. I just took another walk around.

I ended up buying some souvenirs as well; I wanted to get some matrioshka dolls for some of the people I’d be visiting, plus one for myself. I’d be giving one of the separate dolls that make it what it is,so that everyone would own part of the same one.

By dinner time, I had no cash left in my wallet, so I had to pull out some. I wanted to pull out 200 Roubles, but the ATM annoyingly handed me a single 200 Rouble bill. I wasn’t pleased at all. I went to the nearest bank to try and have it changed into smaller denominations, but to no avail; the bank tellers didn’t understand English.

So I decided to try it at the cafe where I wanted to buy my sandwidch for dinner. I was handed back a bunch of notes as change; luckily the cafe had plenty. What a way to make it difficult for me, though.

After dinner, I relaxed at the homestay until it was time to be picked up and transferred to the train station for my departure to Saint Petersburg.

I was there by 9pm, and boarding time was 10pm. The agent found me standing by the pillar, gave me my ticket and guided me to my spot.

The cabin on board was different – it seemed smaller, but that would have been because I was sharing with three people. And it was mostly brown inside, and quite warm. It would be an eight-hour journey, and I waited for my chance to sleep it off.

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