Day 20 – Moscow

Today I was out to see the sights on my own. I headed out at 10am and went to Red Square. I wanted to visit Lenin’s tomb. I didn’t know how to get in; but what I did see was a massive line up, which must have been at least 100 metres. It must have been the line up for the tomb.

I asked a nearby speaking tour guide, who told me he could get me to the front of the queue for 300 Roubles. Otherwise, I’d be waiting in line for 2 hours. He had a word to me about how “time is money”.

I also would have had to leave my phone and camera behind in the drop box area. I didn’t want to go through the hassle, so I decided to leave it be. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow, hoping that the line will be shorter next time.

So I headed to the Kremlin instead, and decided to check it out. First I took a walk around the walls.

One entry ticket was 350 Roubles, and on the inside of the Kremlin walls it was quite interesting. I saw the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell, and lots of churches with golden domes. The inside of many of the cathedrals was also quite beautiful.

I had another walk around Red Square, then had myself some pizza for lunch. On my way back, I saw two men, one holding an eagle, and the other, a monkey.

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