Day 18 – Arrival in Moscow, Russia

I woke up at about 7am Moscow time. We passed Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir, before approaching Moscow after what I can say was a long trip.

I said goodbye to my fellow Russian passenger, and made my way out towards the city. I almost missed the lady who was holding up my name sign.

We greeted and she took me to her car, which was a short walk away. I got to see quite a bit of Moscow between here and the homestay, and she pointed out some of the main attractions, and how I can get around.

We arrived at the huge apartment block, where I met the homestay lady. She could speak English – she was the only homestay owner so far who did so. She was of great help; she gave me a map of Moscow and provided some useful information. To get to the city, I’d have to catch the metro, which the nearest station was across the road. I didn’t do much after arriving; there wasn’t much time left in the day anyway. I sat on the computer and uploaded all the pics of my journey thus far.

Tomorrow I’d be going on a guided tour around the city.

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