Day 16 & 17 – Travelling across Siberia

I woke up to the sound of the train chugging along. It was 8:30am Novosibirsk time, a city of which we were about to approach. My Russian cabin mate was kind enough to offer me some of his breakfast. It was a tub of noodles, with salami slices and bread. Quite a fill.

Then it began to rain outside. It looked beautiful passing by the splendid forest views of the Siberian plains. We were passing through a storm.

The whole day, I was confined to my space, looking out the window and listening to my iPod from start to finish. I wondered what would happen first; going through the entire playlist, or reaching Moscow.

As the weather cleared up, we arrived at Mariinsk and I got off the train to pick up another big bottle of water. Back on board, I didn’t see my cabin mate anywhere for quite some time. I wondered where he was by the time the train got going again.

By dinner time, I found him in the restaurant car. He’d been sitting there all this time, and I joined him. I ordered some Russian beef. There was way too much cream, though.

I set my clock to Yekaterinburg time before sleeping at 10pm.

The following morning, I was up at 8am. Today marks day three of being on the train, and tomorrow I’ll be arriving in Moscow. Today I would be crossing the Asia/Europe border.

As per normal, the train lady gave me some lunch for a small price, which consisted of potatoes and meat. I listened to the rest of my iPod playlist throughout the day, which ended up finishing some time after arriving in Yekaterinburg and crossing over from Asia into European Russia.

I changed my clock one more time, to Moscow time, and went to sleep. It’s been a long two days, with not much personal movement. I saw a fight between two drunk men at Perm station though, on the train platform. That was quite the show. It looked nasty. I thought one was going to kill the other. They were taken care of by security.

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