Day 13 – Listvyanka, Lake Baikal

After breakfast, which consisted of egg, I headed down to the lake to have a basic repeat of yesterday.

On my way down to the shore, I funnily enough ran into Rebecca and Sanna. Well that was some coincidence alright. They were looking for a path to hike along, as they were walking up. We chatted for a bit, then we continued on our way. I looked around the shore’s shops for souvenirs, and didn’t do much other than have another walk around, taking photos of boats.

Dinner was spent at Hotel Mayak once again, this time having chicken wings wrapped in bacon slices. It was a little bit difficult to order, as the waitress didn’t understand English, but I got by. I remembered the Russian word for “menu”, and pointed to what I wanted.

Not much else was done. There was plenty of activity going on, though, as it was a fairly nice day, and there were people sunbaking on the shore. I enjoyed my little personal tour of this town. Russia hasn’t failed to impress me yet.

In short, Lake Baikal has definitely been one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever visited.

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