Day 11 – Entering the Russian Federation

Border procedures took place in the morning, shortly after I woke up. I knew from this point, I wouldn’t be able to use the train toilets for the next few hours. At the final stop before the border, I went outside the train to use the public toilets, and accidently spent Roubles instead of Tugrik, and the Roubles were worth a lot more. Oh well, at least it wasn’t a huge loss; only $5 worth.

To help pass the time, I chatted with the two girls in my compartment. Then we crossed the border and immigration came in to take our passports. Customs were tight, but there were no dramas, and everything went smoothly. I was glad to finally be cleared, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of being denied entry again. Overall, the train remained stationery for 7 hours.

We departed Naushky station at 4:15pm, and the train followed its course to Irkutsk. It would be an overnight journey; we would arrive in the morning. During this time, I mostly stuck to the compartment talking with Rebecca and Sanna. They had a little bit of food and wine to offer, and we each had a glass. Before arriving in Ulan-Ude, some other travellers from the next compartment over came into ours for a little bit, and we all became acquainted with eachother. I recognised two South American passengers who were on the same train when I was journeying from China. After the others parted, getting off at Ulan-Ude station, I prepared myself for bed.

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