Day 9 – Ulaanbaatar

Today it was time to head back into Ulaanbaatar. After being at a peaceful place in nature, it was back to the populated city, and back to my homestay.

I went out and spend some time on the internet, before heading to the National Museum of Mongolia, which was pretty interesting. It housed a display of items from neolithic times, ancient and modern. Entry fee into the museum was more for a tourist than it was for a Mongolian national.

I did some shopping on the way back to the homestay. I needed to buy enough to support me for the train journey into Russia tomorrow, as the train won’t have a restaurant car. I bought lots of noodles, bread and water. I think I’m going to be pretty sick of noodles after this. The train would at least have boiling water to cook them, so it was best and least expensive bet.

I spent the rest of the evening at my homestay with my iPod on. I had one of the packs of noodles I bought. It tasted boring, but it’s dinner.

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