Day 8 – Terelj National Park

Today was going to be pretty much the same deal, except this time I would make sure I get to the top of the mountain I didn’t climb yesterday.

I was up pretty early, and started myself a fire in the ger. Without matches, might I add. Some of the firewood still had tiny amounts of afterglow remaining, so I chucked some newspaper on top, blew, and got the fire going.

I had some egg and bacon for breakfast, and spent some time in my ger listening to music. I would start my hike after lunch, which was fancy beetroot soup.

So the hike began. It was a strenuous climb, and it took me quite a while. The scenery was majestic. I felt like a true adventurer. My new hiking shoes were taking a hell of a beating, that’s for sure. I thought the whole experience was wonderful.

As I got higher and higher, the scenery became more spectacular. I wanted to get to the very top. It was a long struggle, but so worth it. The views from the top were magnificent. I felt like I could almost see the whole country in every direction. I spent a good deal of time just sitting at the top and appreciating the view.

It was a difficult hike downwards, as well. I took a different route down than I took up. I thought my shoes wouldn’t be able to handle it. But they did. My regular sports shoes wouldn’t have stood a chance.

I was treated to a nice dinner afterwards, consisting of chicken and pasta, and I told my agent of all my stories. It was time to shower afterwards, and appreciate another night under the stars. I had another look at them before going to sleep. I would be headed back into Ulaanbaatar tomorrow. It’s been great out here. What a beautiful part of the world. It’s amazing how beautiful the earth can be in its pristine form.

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