Day 108 – Cape Sounion, Attica

Today was not actually planned in advance. I thought that today, I would go to Elefsina, but I woke up late, yet again. So I thought that since the site at Cape Sounion remains open until sunset, I would have a bit more time on my hands.

So I did what I thought I would do. I took a day trip to Cape Sounion. I left at 12:30pm, with my camera equipment, and headed into Central Athens. I went to the bus stop at which the Sounion bus passes through, and waited. I decided not to catch it from the terminal, as that place is confusing, and there are two buses that go to Sounion. The inland and the coastal. I wanted to take the coastal one. So I knew which stop I had to wait for it at.

I boarded the bus and paid the conductor €5,40. I unloaded my equipment and taped outside the bus window as I passed the amazing scenery along the Apollo Coast road. These views were absolutely stunning. I felt like I was on a Greek island. This place also reminded me of the Great Ocean Road in Australia. This scenery couldn’t be missed, so I taped as much of it as I could. I only had two minutes of tape left, so I recorded carefully. I already knew that this was not all Greece had to offer; If this is what Attica has, then I’ll be the first in line to explore the rest of Greece. All the way along this road, the scenery was amazing.

When I got to the cape, I got free entrance thanks to my Student Card, and explored the site. Needless to say, the views over the Aegean Sea were stunning. I could see the Cycladic island of Kea. The Temple of Poseidon was set nicely on top of this cliff cape. I took many photos and waited until sunset, when everything will look most spectacular. I got myself a sandwich in the meantime and explored another half of the cape. I was accompanied by many people at this great tourist attraction, including American, British and Spanish people. I hope I can make some good travel friends soon.

By sunset, I took my photos, then headed back home via the inland route. I had a great day.

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