Day 107 – Moni Kessariani, Athens

Today was another pleasant day trip. I headed into Athens, and took a bus to the suburb of Kessariani. My plan was to visit the ancient monastery here, which was perched in the foothills of Mt. Hymettos, beside it.

The bus stopped at the terminus, which was a 30-minute walk away from the monastery. I wasn’t in the mood for walking now, and time was short; so I took a taxi and paid about €2 for the fare. The scenery along the road was fantastic!

And here’s to say again, the monastery was closed, just like the one in Dafni. It had disappointed me, but I coped with it and made the most out of my visit. And it was well worth it. This place was more enjoyable. The surrounding scenery was amazing. I took much more photos here than I did at Dafni. This place was stunning. I even found a grotto up here. I’m very glad I took this day trip today. It would have been good if the ancient site itself was open, but that doesn’t matter now. My day has been made up for. I admired the scenic views I was rewarded with.

That just about covers the main attractions around Athens, and I will share a video summing up all past site visits.

One thought on “Day 107 – Moni Kessariani, Athens

  1. they donkey is sooo cool! is this kessariani place near the city center? because i would love to take a stroll there! im visiting this summer and have been reading up on the city on a fb pg what i like the most is that apart from the typical tourist ordeal they have real athenian insight. u know i want to experience the city as the people who live there do!

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